[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 20: Triumph

* Chariots of Fire playing in the background *

Yay!!!! It’s the last post!! I haven’t posted the photo and I feel triumphant already! Hahaha… Before my photo, I would like to share my thoughts first 🙂 It’s been a great journey so far and I truly feel triumphant in many ways.. Firstly, I think this challenge has brought me falling in love with photography again. I love my photography work, don’t get me wrong, but there always comes a point where there’s little love in work.. doing photography as work can sometimes drain you.. and I was feeling a little bit lost in the work side, so I am glad I fought with myself and won now! Secondly, I feel triumphant that I posted something for all the twenty themes! Some of you might have read my earlier posts to know that I am playing catch-up even though the official close to the challenge was quite some time ago, is because I wanted to combat a bad habit of giving up on something I committed to just because I missed the timelines. I am glad I didn’t give up and have reached the end! Lastly, triumph comes from making so many new friends through working on this challenge! Thank you my new found friends for your support through the likes and comments to my postings! I’m sorry I might not have had the chance to return the favor much during this challenge, but certainly I will find time to do so!!

Ok, back to the topic.. I know my photo chosen for this theme isn’t quite as expected, but what I really want to say is really in this photo. This is a picture of a thriving little plant that is growing out of a crack in a wall. I can just imagine from a little seed landing in the crack, trying to stretch its roots into unusual grounds, to reaching out to sunlight.. I really admire its spirit and might! I have always fascinated myself with all these tiny plants that grows out of cement and concrete. They just prove that life is more than what we see it is. There can be life as long as life choose to live 🙂


I hope it had been an incredible journey for you as well either reading posts or posting photos! Let us all continue on to next challenges and let our dreams live on… 🙂