Luxury of Time

 I’ve been blessed with a timely short get-away on a cruise over the weekend. Although it was a cruise-to-nowhere (ie the cruise doesn’t dock anywhere but just make its way to high seas and back), it was amazing on its own and doing nothing and not in need to plan anything was really a luxury for me. I guess I ought to make time for myself like this more often 🙂

It’s yet another full work-week ahead and although every week since my new assignment in Apr hasn’t been that much fun and I have been dreading to go to work everyday, I’ve made a conscious decision to approach it one day at a time and minimise comparisons for each day with another. That way I hope I can come to terms with things I can’t control, and focus on things I can. Then I will reward myself with another 30 mins this week to watch clouds go by 🙂 
Till the next update!