[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 18: Edge

It’s been a while since I looked up at clouds and this very much happens when I am busy with “things irl”. What’s things irl? Oh, it’s a phrase I recently picked up from the younger generation, and it’s supposed to mean “things in real life”, ie, real-life issues. Gosh I don’t quite understand this generation, but since I am among them, I thought I better adapt. Ahem.

So where was I…. oh yes, clouds. busy and forgot to look at clouds yes. So yes, some clouds ought to be featured in this post – antennas on the edge of rooftops, shot by me who is on the edge of falling ill *cough*



[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 17: Glass

I thought of looking for stained glass but I couldn’t find anything nice to shoot simply because it was a rainy day and no light made stained glasses around pretty… but i went on a photo walk that day to take some photos of graffiti of a building that’s about to be torn down (graffiti is actually considered a rather rare sight in Singapore..) And then I saw this set of drawings on a glass door.. Perfect!

Well, this one is really just as it is.. there’s nothing much to ponder over and nothing philosophical or abstract like my Time post haha. Do take a closer look of the buildings in the reflection though, these buildings are rather characteristic of this part of the world I am in, and these we call “shophouses”. first floor is a shop, and the second used to home to the shop owners, but nowadays they could well be just two-storey shops.. I would probably be doing photo walks on shop-houses very soon so stay tuned! πŸ™‚


[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure

I’m back!! As promised…. haha. i end up didn’t buy anything to fix my technology woes, but was kindly loaned a laptop for the time beingΒ by someone who has this fantastic laptop sitting in his room and only used for onsite assignments.. so.. it’s mine for the time being heehee..

Treasure – the first thing I asked myself when I saw this theme was this: what is something I will always wish for more, and something I will be very unhappy or feel a strong sense of loss if I lost it.. the answer is:


Yes, Time.

Time is one thing I will always treasure and I think we all should. Time is, in my opinion, one very powerful driving force (other than Love) that can drive a lot of changes within us and around us. It can make or break, it can help us heal.. Time creates this space between two places/people, that leads to the existence of a lot of precious things – emotions, memories – that without time, there is no sense for these to exist at all. On a less abstract (and a lighter) note, time is so precious because it is an exhaustible resource for anything and everything. So time, is to me, the greatest treasure and the greatest gift I can ever have..

So here’s to Time, given it’s yet another year gone (or another year gained for some). 8 more days to get started on things you ought to have started, 8 more days to think about how to make the next year a better year πŸ™‚

Technology Woes…. Down for another few more days!

I’m typing this post on my ipad. My trusty All-In-One PC has finally gave in to its terminal illness which had been bothering us for a few months now. Bad sectors, hard-disk malfunction, unstable mood swings.. and now I think it’s time I let it go, and stop trying to reformat it. So Rest in Peace, my dear friend, you have been (almost) everything to me.

Which is why….. my photos are all stuck and can’t be posted because I had no machine to process them, but I promise a new machine is coming and by this weekend i should have all the outstanding “balance” from Photo 101 all up!

One mind bogging question remains… should i get a Mac? or stay with a PC?
Mac, PC, Mac, PC, Mac, PC…. argh.


[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 15: Landscape

Landscape is something that’s scarce in where I live. Not only do we have very little land and resources that limits the amount of landscape we have, but our landscapes are always changing. Very seldom you’ll see a spot in Singapore that is not under some form of upgrading, renovations, construction and reconstruction, be it the buildings, the roads. You see it now, you might not see it again the next time you come by, even if that means a matter of weeks not even months.

To capture the changing landscape of Singapore is an arduous task. There are a couple of photographers I know of that are doing this as their lifelong project and I salute them for it. In my admiration to these silent heroes, and as part of today’s theme, I’d like to share my take on Singapore’s landscape here πŸ™‚20141205-121342.jpg

Here you can see, in just one frame, there are buildings and architecture of different times and purposes. The lower ones are what we call shophouses which makes up a big majority of earlier buildings of singapore. They are called shophouses because usually the first level is a shop and second level occupied as residence either by the shopowner or sublet to others. They are mostly fully commercial buildings. You’ll see a relatively newly built Chinese temple in the foreground. The background you see, are the towers of financial and office buildings which forms the more significant skyline of Singapore. And where I was standing to take this photograph, is a 21-storey residential apartment building (public housing) which we call flats. Most of us stay in apartments like that.

I hope you like this photo and now get to know a little more about this small island country we live in! So many friends from overseas has never heard of us, confuse us as part of Malaysia, thinks we are in China or Korea or Japan. Go google or wiki us! You might just make us your next travel destination πŸ™‚

[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 14: Swarm

Swarm. Ok other than saying i’m swarmed with work, I seldom think of the word swarm. The next thing I think of when I think swarm, I see bees. Hair-raising. Eeks.

So I thought along the lines of nature, but in Singapore, the most natural swarm we see, are people rushing onto the shopping malls! I then took myself to the Jurong Bird Park and I saw this group of beautiful flamingos. Can I take this as swarm please? πŸ˜€

_MG_1912And just when I was packing up to go back after I am happy with this “swarm” of flamingos, I then saw this small swarm of “things” feeding on a piece of fish presumably left behind after a feeding session. I guess it had to be a hair-standing experience of Swarm after all…… *still shaking*


Playing Catch-Up!

Following a series of uninvited incidents the last week, which I shall not spend a single sec more dwelling on, I’ve decided it’s not fair I just play catch-up to the wonderful themes of Photo 101 which I have missed for the past days just by uploading photos I have taken before.. so while Photo 101 is coming to an end (so sad!), I’m going to just extend it on my own and play catch-up on the themes I missed all the way till I finish them!

As a reminder to myself too, that this blog was started primarily as a companion to me as I seek to build a new life, I thought I should in every little way change the way I act and behave. The old me would have just forget the whole thing and move on to something else if something I was working on wasn’t showing much traction or if there were slips here and there. So all the more I’m going to keep my word and continue this project (with minimal or no cheating!) alllll the way! You’ll support me won’t you? πŸ™‚

Stay tuned as I play catch-up! And I hope if you have been missing out on the themes for a few days too, join me, and we can encourage each other along the way πŸ™‚

(source: seanwes.com)