A Gentle Reminder from Life’s Little Lessons

Today, the guilt of not following up on this blog as I said I would be when I started it finally got me to log back in. And to be completely honest, I had logged in with the intention of closing this blog and perhaps start a new one. Then I scrolled through what I have done so far, and felt a tug in my heart telling me it’s not time to kill this one yet.. For one, I really liked the title of this blog and what it meant to me. Then I remembered, that I started this blog not for anyone, not for stellar blogging statistics or viewership.. I started it for myself – as a sanctuary of my thoughts, a depository of events and happenings that made some difference in my life – a collection of Life’s little lessons.

It was funny how I went to check through the settings that there was no mistake or system glitch, when I saw the first post (ie the latest post) I saw on the page was a Happy New Year post.. that was more than 6 months ago! Wow, I thought.. has it really been that long? Well.. dates can’t lie, can they?

And through this simple exercise of logging back to a blog I had created and had built some content for, and scrolled through a few pages of it, I did learn a lesson today. I have once again lapsed into a very bad habit of mine to keep wanting to wipe out something I feel wasn’t perfect, then attempt a new one thinking it would be perfect this time, and previous imperfection has became non-existent. In this digital age, it is true that deleting something and then pretending it never existed is something extremely easy to do. But what will the outcome be? If we all took 10 steps forward, and then decide to start over again somwehere new, we may always end up only taking 10 steps forward in everything we do.. but if we took 10 steps forward and stopped in our tracks for whatever reason, it is a matter of choice whether we simply continue taking another step in front, to make it 11 steps forward and counting..

I’m glad I took that 11th step today.


Photo101 Day 10: Mystery

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOoh… I looovvveee this theme! Got all excited about this theme and started to think of all possible things that made me curious and wonder, and mystify.. Took my camera and went on a short street photography shoot and came to a shophouse selling vintage, old-school items, where the second floor is a quaint Children’s Museum. I’ve been to this shop many times, but I never went upstairs. Today the shop owner convinced me to pop upstairs to take a look. The door to the second floor was painted all black with a big rocket.. talk about mystery! I pushed open the door and what you see in this photo, is what I saw. Just what lies ahead? Where do these steps lead us? There is only one way to find out… take those steps.

Life is a mystery that unveils itself with each step you take. And each turn you make, could unveil a whole new mystery yet again.


Photo101 Day 9: Warmth

photo101-day9-warmthWhen we talk about warmth of light, one often think of sunrise and sunset. I particularly like the warmth of candlelight, though it is very difficult to take good photos in such dark conditions haha.

I took this photo during a walk-about in Little India, a cultural district in  Singapore made up of a few streets spiced up by the rich flavour of the indian culture and community. Interesting place to visit I must say! This photo is taken of a boy in an Indian temple. Although I wasn’t sure what his mother asked him to do, but he definitely had something important to pray for! I love the fire glow from the candles, that translate to the warm glow to his face that speaks of hope..  May this interpretation of Warmth warms your heart too as it warmed mine 🙂

Day 2 of Zero to Hero… Cloudy Talk

Today is Blogging 101 Day 2, and today’s assignment is “Say My Name”. I had a sinking feeling that I can’t do this because I already have a blog title that I took sleepless nights to think of, so imagine my relief when I read the last paragraph which read “If you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline, or, If you need some writing inspiration, take a look at today’s prompt”. Oh yay! For those who are interested to know more about why I call my blog my Cloud Factory, head on to “The Cloudmaker” page!

But since I am still supposed to write something, I might as well share a deeper thought that lead me to this blog title…. Clouds come in various shapes and sizes, and they never stay fixed at a spot or look exactly the same minute after minute. I liken that to how I view life. Life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties, that I have come to learn that the only way to cope with that is to embrace it as a hard fact. When you stop fighting something, the way you look at that something will change, and more often than not, something good comes after that.. 🙂

And today, I met something good! I’ve been dwelling on and on for a good name for my second-hand business and finally when I was sweating it out in my favourite kickboxing class, the name just sprung into my head! It’s like a miracle! I’m excited to see the name spread across the webpage I am about to create for it, and I will reveal the name when the page is up and running.. so I’m keeping it a secret and keeping the suspense for now.. heehee

Welcome to my clouds!

cloud lamp post-2

And so, I have started a new blog site! I’m excited about this blog because for once after I have created, deleted, recreated so many blogs of my own, I have a good feeling that this one is going to grow, and going to stay! But then again, as the name suggest, it’s gonna be about building castles on clouds, so honestly, I don’t know if what I claim is gonna be true for long! What I am sure of though, is that this blog is gonna be WHO I AM. It will be genuine. It will be real. It will be ME. Through this blog, I am going to stop fearing to dream. I am going to make clouds and fill up my sky with them as much as I like. I will stop letting others shape them. I will let my clouds take me to where I was meant to be. Some clouds will get bigger, some clouds may just go by and disappear, but all the clouds I make and build, will all be made of me.

So if you have time and if you like what you are reading so far, stay and watch the clouds with me!


I wrote the above yesterday (15 Jul) and today, I started thinking about how I should be doing this blogging thing seriously. I started to look for help online and found the best guide right at our backyard – WP’s Daily Post! I was intrigued by so many helpful contents and in particular, Blogging 101: Zero to Hero caught my eye and I think the whole initiative is great! Doing this for 30 days and become a better blogger after that sounds like a good deal so I am going to start with that! Day One assignment reads “Introduce Yourself”, which I thought I had already done so, so I’m gonna make yesterday Day One 😀