Something new for (Sun)thing New :)

Feeling a little under the weather today, clouded with a bad migraine.. so i didn’t go out today, nor did i do something new for the first time. Just wasn’t up to it.. instead, I played around with WordPress for a bit and I discovered there were actually a lot of new lovely themes that we could now use, so I thought, maybe for today’s (Sun)thing new, I’ll put in a place a new theme and give things a new look, still considered in time for a brand new month πŸ™‚

So what do you think of this new look? πŸ™‚

November is here, and this means just 2 more months before we welcome yet another new year. How are you doing with all the new year inspirations you’ve made early this year? I had only one resolution this year, and that was to make this year my best year yet. Can’t quite say this is indeed my best year yet, there had been a fair bit of challenges, but it certainly wasn’t a bad year πŸ˜‰ For one, I think I learned a lot about myself this year – what I want to do, what I enjoy doing, who I (probably) really am. I still have two more months to make a difference before signing off on this year’s results card but I’m even more excited to start setting new goals and make plans for a new beginnings!

Tomorrow is the start of Photography 101, which is going to be a month-long photography challenge with daily themes and assignments to do! I hope this sets me back on track in shooting regularly.. so hopefully it’s going to be a colourful month and may I be ever-inspired!

So all the best to everyone, with the last 2 months of this year. There’s still time to make a difference, may 2014 close beautifully for all of you πŸ™‚

Note: (Sun)thing new will no longer be a weekly feature after this post, but please stay tuned with this blog, as I promise there will always be new content and I will do my very best to keep this blog active πŸ™‚


(Sun)thing New! ~ 26 Oct 2014

20141027-173345.jpgIt’s kinda small from the picture above, but that’s basically my Instagram page! Yes, I started a new instagram account under the username of @joscloudfactory (feel free to follow me!! I often ponder about my photography style and what I like to shoot.. and I concluded that what always catches my eyes are how the little things, the ordinary become something stunning and unique. I am always amazed and intrigued by how some photographers can make the simplest subject exude such grandeur and character.. So through this new instagram account, I would like to give my version of making the ordinary extraordinary. There will be quite a fair bit of cloud photos I am pretty sure! Well, I still have to be in line with the theme right? πŸ˜‰ Now what I need is some app that can allow me to manage two instagram accounts from one place… anything to recommend please leave me a comment!

Speaking of photography, I adopted the “Yes Man” attitude the other day when I came across a post calling for participants for the new run of Photography 101 challenge, and I thought to myself.. why not? So I said YES and signed up for it! It’s supposed to start running a week from now so I’m pretty excited to get started on that! Stay tuned.., even I myself am curious what I’m gonna come up with.. hmm…

(Sun)thing New! ~ 19 Oct 2014: Cold Brew

Cold Following a wonderful lunch with my family, we retreated into literally the backyard of Chye Seng Huat hardware store.. What used to be a hardware store is now a hidden gem of a cafe, housing in-house roasters and cosy seating, offering visitors an aromatic treat. Tried the Cold Brew as recommended by my “personal barista” (my dear friend in the coffee business) and wow, it was definitely something very new to me! Never had I tasted coffee that way! The initial test was a berryish sour which led to a tint of malt and.. and basically nothing like coffee i ever tasted haha. It really left my eyes wide open and though it wasn’t a taste i was used to, I felt compelled to learn and love it more.

There are just so many things waiting for us to learn, for us to subtly embrace. Life is all but one big adventure. You could choose to stay in a comfortable place enjoying the shade the roof over your head brings, or you could choose to get outside and see for yourself what your roof has been weathering on your behalf, and how it might just be crumbling down one day. You could choose to master what’s underneath the roof and pray it will stay this way forever, or you could choose to learn how to build a better and stronger roof so you can stay underneath it even longer. Essentially what we are choosing, is whether to embrace the mission of learning and loving life, or let life run you over.

I pray everyone get out of their house now and look up towards their roofs. There could be a lesson or two there just waiting to be learnt.. πŸ™‚

(Sun)thing New ~ 21 Sep 2014

I’m sorry I missed a week of Sunthing new last Sunday! It’s been quite a busy two weeks for me, though that’s actually a great feeling πŸ˜‰ Had a fruitful two weeks of hard work participating in a filming project as well as covered two weddings as photographer.. basking in lots of joy is what I’ve been doing!

After collapsing on the bed right after I got home after a wedding assignment, I woke up in shock at 9.30am still holding on to my mobile phone. I had something exciting to do today but alas the late waking up set me in quite a frenzy… with a completelyΒ  flat phone and half-charged power bank, I grabbed my personal items and dashed out of the house so I could be on time for…


Yup! My first time setting up a stall at a local weekend market selling some vintage items me and my partner had been collecting for the past few months. It was quite intimidating at first when I arrived at the place with just a handful of items while my neighbours were already stacking up tons of stuff, all out to make a kill.. I was nonetheless quite proud of the fact that because I had less items, I could display them all nicely like I was dressing a window display haha.. At the end of 5 hours, I made a grand profit of five dollars (yes, 1,2,3,4,5 dollars :p) but a whole lot richer in my happiness bank πŸ™‚

This flea market I was at is the same market I had blogged about earlier on, at China Square Central. Read more about this place here πŸ™‚

(Sun)thing New – 7 Sep 2014

I love reading. Or maybe, I love the whole idea of reading more than the actual act of reading. It calms me down, makes me feel I’m doing something for enriching for myself, it puts me in a space where it’s just me with me alone.

So today I started on a new book. I’ve been reading a lot of books about getting started, procrastination, efficiency, time management and general self-help books that I thought I need to break the pattern a bit and read something else.. This book, 29 gifts, seemed like the change I was looking for πŸ™‚

This book is based on a real story, the personal experience of Cami Walker, who was suffering from multiple sclerosis at a young age of 33. Just when she was at the brim of giving up hope, she received a gift of an alternative healing prescription from a friend and started to see light at the end of the tunnel..

We all have our demons, we all have our own battles to fight. To me, there is no one person’s battle that’s worse or easier than another’s, as each of us is different – we have different capacities and thresholds. What’s the same, is that we all use the same amount of emotions and energies to fight those battles that means a lot to us. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we give up, and sometimes we fight back. I’ve learnt that with all battles, it always starts off with ourselves. We need to be convinced we want to fight the battle and we want to win it.. That’s always a great start to anything.

So what’s your struggle today? Or did you win something this week? πŸ™‚ FIGHT, for anything and everything that means something. I wish everyone reading this a fulfilling week ahead!


(Sun)thing New! ~ 31 Aug 2014

color run cover photo

It’s time for Sun(thing) new!

This week I had the chance to try more than one thing new, but what made it to this week’s (Sun)thing New, is shooting Color Run! Anyone participated in one before? This weekend was my first time witnessing the Color Run. I said witness because I was there shooting photos and not there as a runner.. but certainly I am going to consider joining the run next year!

Colorful clouds of colored powder filled the air, the ground, not sparing the trees and leaves.. the whole atmosphere was nothing but fun, fun, fun! Spontaneity was all around where everyone was trying ways and means to get themselves covered with all sorts of colors, and also smacking colors onto their friends and basically whoever was right next to them. The organisers also made it very photographer-friendly. Although there were baricades at the sides of the track, photographers could get into the track fairly easily, and no questions asked! I guess that supports the whole event’s overall mission, to make this the #happiest5k πŸ™‚

Just sharing one of the photo I took, will be sharing more in the days to come! Here’s wishing everyone a great, colorful week ahead!


Sundays are now for (Sun)thing New!

I have long made the confession that I have a monkey brain that keeps me having new ideas all the time and wanting to do many things at one time. Well, one advice I got from books I recently read, is to organize my time and my thoughts, and leave proper time for everything. So I combined all the various theories out there, and decided that I am going to dedicate time for myself to embrace whatever ideas that may pop into my head from time to time πŸ™‚ Sundays are now.. for something new.

What does that mean? It means that I am going to dedicate every Sunday to try something new, start something new, or do something for the first time. I figured this will make my Sunday feature much more interesting, and it’s also a great exercise for me to practice dedicating time for specific identities. And since I am always intrigued by things around me, rather than being distracted by thinking about them too much and wondering if I should do something about it, I thought I might as well switch my mindset and turn this bad “habit” into something useful πŸ™‚ Who knows what opportunities this may mean for me! I’ll go with my mantra and let things flow, we’ll see how things go πŸ™‚

So what did I do today for the first time? I played tourist! There is a relatively new train line called the Downtown Line which I have never taken, and there is this Sunday Flea Market which I always wanted to go, so I looked at the map and thought, wala! I could take the new train line to this market and this shall be my first “Sunthing New”!


So I happily took the train on this new line and got off, and started to walk towards my destination with the help of the map. Took a break and had a light snack of traditional biscuit and Teh Tarik (basically traditional milk tea)!

I then walked on and reached where I was supposed to go, then I found out the market has moved! Fortunately it’s still nearby and within walking distance… just that it’s not near to the station of the new line I got off from :p


Some sights along the way…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReached the Flea Market and walked around a bit. The market is pretty packed, and most of what’s on sale are collectible toys, figurines, antiques and curios. 2nd hand fashion seekers however, will be disappointed, as there are next to zero second hand clothings on sale.. this won’t be the right market for you..




After a walk in the market feeling accomplished, I went on to satisfy my craving for sashimi which I missed having in Tokyo where I recently visited. They were really good, and I took the chance to practice some food photography.. somehow there’s still something lacking and I will work on that a bit more..

Overall it’s a great Sunday! I hope you like this new feature and continue to look out for what new things I’m going to do next Sunday and the next and the next πŸ™‚

Wish you all a Happy Week ahead!

Weekend Flea Market @ China Square Central
Venue: China Square Central Level 1 & 2
Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm
Nearest MRT Station: NE4 Chinatown, Exit E