Luxury of Time

 I’ve been blessed with a timely short get-away on a cruise over the weekend. Although it was a cruise-to-nowhere (ie the cruise doesn’t dock anywhere but just make its way to high seas and back), it was amazing on its own and doing nothing and not in need to plan anything was really a luxury for me. I guess I ought to make time for myself like this more often 🙂

It’s yet another full work-week ahead and although every week since my new assignment in Apr hasn’t been that much fun and I have been dreading to go to work everyday, I’ve made a conscious decision to approach it one day at a time and minimise comparisons for each day with another. That way I hope I can come to terms with things I can’t control, and focus on things I can. Then I will reward myself with another 30 mins this week to watch clouds go by 🙂 
Till the next update!


Photo 101 Day 13: Moment

My kind of photography is all about moments. That moment a child’s eyes gleamed with joy when handed an ice cream, the smile on a proud father’s face when his son scored in a game. The fleeting moment of a butterfly’s wings, a kingfisher’s dart into the water for the fish…. Nope I ain’t got any of those moments yet haha, but I simply loved the many photos and interpretations of this theme through #photo101!

Watching clouds go by seem to be my favourite moments of the day ever since I started this blog haha. And it’s been a while since I posted pictures of clouds so I thought I’ll do that for today’s theme… spend a moment everyday to look up to the skies, and remember that first thought that cloud is carrying for you 🙂


Sunday on Clouds ~ 17 Aug 2014


The week had been filled with a lot of anticipation, as many things were unfolding over the weekend! First was Friday where the results of a photo competition were announced.. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t win a prize, but sought solace in the fact that I did get into top 30 out of 3000+ entries, the judge cited one of my entries as one of his faves, and comforted by words of encouragement by my dad, who seldom spoke of my photography work 🙂

Next was a busy weekend of meeting clients and closing cases, which I was preparing and anticipating with excitement the whole week.. Also happy to share the joy with my young entrepreneur mentee-of-sort that she clinched her first deal and it all went well!

Pretty much an exciting week and valuable insights about myself and my work was found within, so.. I’m thankful 🙂

Weekly Feature on Jo’s Cloud Factory

So I have been pondering over today’s assignment (Day 28 of Zero to Hero) and I concluded that it would be most appropriate for me to have a regular feature on clouds! It’s Sunday afternoon in my part of the world, so from this week onwards, I shall attempt to have a weekly feature called “Sunday on the Clouds”, where I will share my reflection of the week that has passed, along with a photograph of clouds I “caught” over the week that goes in line with how I felt about the week.. I hope this is of some interest to at least some of you, but let’s see how this goes! I would also be happy to hear from you or if you are also a fan of clouds, do let me know when you have some nice photos to share and I’ll be happy to do a joint feature 🙂

So how has the week been? Well, it had been a week of housekeeping for me, preparing my room for my aunt and cousin visiting us from London. As my room had been very much in a personalized mess, it wasn’t easy at all for me to make it into a livable space for someone else, but I have to do it anyway! So I took the chance to clear out some stuff, and happy to say that in the midst of that I manage to tick off some bothersome items I have been procrastinating on my to-dos!

Speaking of procrastination, I’m guilty as charged. I have been fighting with procrastination for a while now but finally showing some hopeful baby steps the past couple of weeks…. more on this later 🙂

It’s been a windy week, and the weather is quite strange (and this is often the case right before National Day which happened yesterday..) where we get nice blue skies in the morning and sudden wind and grey skies and heavy rain, then hot like hell again. It’s a nice time for photos I would say, as you’ll get fierce pink/orange sunsets and beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds…. but since it’s more like a whirlwind week for me, I’ve decided to go with a Black and White picture for today…

Here’s wishing everyone a great week ahead! And a gentle reminder to pause, breathe and spend a few seconds to watch the clouds go by…. Cheers!

10 Aug, Clouds in Black and White