A Gentle Reminder from Life’s Little Lessons

Today, the guilt of not following up on this blog as I said I would be when I started it finally got me to log back in. And to be completely honest, I had logged in with the intention of closing this blog and perhaps start a new one. Then I scrolled through what I have done so far, and felt a tug in my heart telling me it’s not time to kill this one yet.. For one, I really liked the title of this blog and what it meant to me. Then I remembered, that I started this blog not for anyone, not for stellar blogging statistics or viewership.. I started it for myself – as a sanctuary of my thoughts, a depository of events and happenings that made some difference in my life – a collection of Life’s little lessons.

It was funny how I went to check through the settings that there was no mistake or system glitch, when I saw the first post (ie the latest post) I saw on the page was a Happy New Year post.. that was more than 6 months ago! Wow, I thought.. has it really been that long? Well.. dates can’t lie, can they?

And through this simple exercise of logging back to a blog I had created and had built some content for, and scrolled through a few pages of it, I did learn a lesson today. I have once again lapsed into a very bad habit of mine to keep wanting to wipe out something I feel wasn’t perfect, then attempt a new one thinking it would be perfect this time, and previous imperfection has became non-existent. In this digital age, it is true that deleting something and then pretending it never existed is something extremely easy to do. But what will the outcome be? If we all took 10 steps forward, and then decide to start over again somwehere new, we may always end up only taking 10 steps forward in everything we do.. but if we took 10 steps forward and stopped in our tracks for whatever reason, it is a matter of choice whether we simply continue taking another step in front, to make it 11 steps forward and counting..

I’m glad I took that 11th step today.


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