[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 19: Double

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had sooo much ideas about this theme but I just failed in the execution so badly, that I ended up with only a very normal reflection shot hahaha. Still, I kinda like this shot of this young couple happily walking along the street chit-chatting, and it is as if I caught their inner mood on the reflection of the puddle of water left behind the rain.

But just what is the real inner mood of these two people at that moment, time and place? It has been a real challenge for me to manage my inner voice, or inner self, whichever way you call it, and the need for me to do so has heightened so much over the last 2 years. The critical voice in me grew really loud at one point, and I had serious problems functioning normally that I had to call it quits at work and to sort my way out.. Today, i am happy to say that this inner voice is more nurtured, and i have many people to thank for this. I only wish that with each day goes by, my inner self and outer self will be as close to each other as situation allows, because I think that would mean I have attained true happiness by truly being myself and facing up to who I really am. I pray the day happens.. one day..


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