[Catch-Up] Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure

I’m back!! As promised…. haha. i end up didn’t buy anything to fix my technology woes, but was kindly loaned a laptop for the time being by someone who has this fantastic laptop sitting in his room and only used for onsite assignments.. so.. it’s mine for the time being heehee..

Treasure – the first thing I asked myself when I saw this theme was this: what is something I will always wish for more, and something I will be very unhappy or feel a strong sense of loss if I lost it.. the answer is:


Yes, Time.

Time is one thing I will always treasure and I think we all should. Time is, in my opinion, one very powerful driving force (other than Love) that can drive a lot of changes within us and around us. It can make or break, it can help us heal.. Time creates this space between two places/people, that leads to the existence of a lot of precious things – emotions, memories – that without time, there is no sense for these to exist at all. On a less abstract (and a lighter) note, time is so precious because it is an exhaustible resource for anything and everything. So time, is to me, the greatest treasure and the greatest gift I can ever have..

So here’s to Time, given it’s yet another year gone (or another year gained for some). 8 more days to get started on things you ought to have started, 8 more days to think about how to make the next year a better year 🙂

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