Playing Catch-Up!

Following a series of uninvited incidents the last week, which I shall not spend a single sec more dwelling on, I’ve decided it’s not fair I just play catch-up to the wonderful themes of Photo 101 which I have missed for the past days just by uploading photos I have taken before.. so while Photo 101 is coming to an end (so sad!), I’m going to just extend it on my own and play catch-up on the themes I missed all the way till I finish them!

As a reminder to myself too, that this blog was started primarily as a companion to me as I seek to build a new life, I thought I should in every little way change the way I act and behave. The old me would have just forget the whole thing and move on to something else if something I was working on wasn’t showing much traction or if there were slips here and there. So all the more I’m going to keep my word and continue this project (with minimal or no cheating!) alllll the way! You’ll support me won’t you? 🙂

Stay tuned as I play catch-up! And I hope if you have been missing out on the themes for a few days too, join me, and we can encourage each other along the way 🙂


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