Photo101 Day 11: Pop of Colours

I know why I was craving for a slice of Rainbow Cake so badly since morning, when I saw the theme for the day haha. Following what my heart told me, I headed into a cafe that supposedly had one of the best Rainbow Cakes in Singapore (and this was all by chance cos i was just running errands around the corner), I shall share the picture of the cake for today’s theme. Convenient as it is, I choose to see it as this was meant to be 🙂


Rainbows often paints the word “Hope”, and at important crossroads in life, such symbols are just what we need. I had lunch with a friend who is, just like me, seem to be stuck at a crossroad of our lifetime. While I (we) know what we have to do, what we should do and what we could do, it just seems so difficult to snap out of it. The soul seems drained of the energy taking the bold step towards one path, and the heart’s fire is reduced to a dwindling flame.. perhaps what we need is a someone, a symbol, a statement to just pull us out of it. That rainbow appearing when the dark clouds disappear.

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