Photo101 Day 10: Mystery

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOoh… I looovvveee this theme! Got all excited about this theme and started to think of all possible things that made me curious and wonder, and mystify.. Took my camera and went on a short street photography shoot and came to a shophouse selling vintage, old-school items, where the second floor is a quaint Children’s Museum. I’ve been to this shop many times, but I never went upstairs. Today the shop owner convinced me to pop upstairs to take a look. The door to the second floor was painted all black with a big rocket.. talk about mystery! I pushed open the door and what you see in this photo, is what I saw. Just what lies ahead? Where do these steps lead us? There is only one way to find out… take those steps.

Life is a mystery that unveils itself with each step you take. And each turn you make, could unveil a whole new mystery yet again.


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