Photo101 Day 5: Solitude

I haven’t given up on this month-long challenge, neither is wordpress having any error showing up a few of my posts all at the same time. It’s been a hectic past couple of days and the sudden workload and lack of sleep caused me to miss a couple of days without posting 😦 Believe me, I have tried to drag myself out of my bed to write something, but it was too much of an uphill task… so here I am, making up for lost time…. but instead of going out to shoot for all 4 days of missed themes, I will look into my database and share something.. who knows what I might find! after all, i am one of those who shoot pictures and happily stash them in my hard-disks (and this GOT to be included in my 2015 resolution of changes I am sure!!)

I actually like this theme – solitude – a lot, and when I saw this theme, I had so many ideas of what to shoot for this theme, but alas, I failed in executing those ideas due to lack of time. One idea I really wanted to do, was to shoot a person sitting on a bench looking down at his/her mobile phone with a crowd passing him/her by, shot with slow shutter speed. I haven’t gone to anyone’s blog to see the submissions yet, but I am pretty sure someone shared this idea of mine!

Here’s my Solitude photo..


I did this shot at one of a stock-photo shoot some time last year, at a beach in Malaysia named Desaru. It’s pretty much a forgotten land, which used to be a very popular tourist spot, but its place has been taken over by many other newer resorts sprouting in the region. I enjoy solitary states myself, and in fact I try to make time to be alone at least once a week. It kinda makes me feel connected with my inner self, and only being in solitude can I be away from any other distractions or concerns over other people to solely focus on myself. It’s important for me to do that also because of my innate fear of losing control over my emotions and mind. I’m probably going to try meditation next! One more cloud parked in my sky… πŸ™‚

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