Photo 101 Day 3: Water


I am a Piscean and so I think I’m very much affiliated to water by birth. Water calms me down, and water gives me a sense of peace. It is my dream to live near the water, be it an apartment with a great sea view, or just overlooking a reservoir will do. I remember during the time when I kept getting anxiety attacks, I find myself going to places near water, and instantly I feel better.

I consider this image above a scene quite rare to Singapore. Natural places and scenery like this is hard to come by as land is scarce and few plots of land remain undeveloped. This photo was taken in a nearby island named Pulau Ubin, where there are still a few granite quarries in existence, and the turquoise color of the water in the quarry are naturally this color. When I arrived at this place, I felt I was taken into another space altogether. Many Singaporean photographers find it hard to get good photos in Singapore (by the way, this IS sadly the truth). but still there are places like this in our own backyard that is worth us taking a second look 🙂

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