Photo101 Day 2: Street

Today has been a pretty packed day and I almost couldn’t find time to shoot a photo for today! When i was on the bus on my way home, I went up the double decker and was happy to find a seat right in front. Good, I thought, I could take some photos of the streets as the bus goes! That should do! But alas.. the results were.. well.. not quite presentable..

And just when I was about to give up, I suddenly had an idea as dusk fell and the street lit up. I’ve always wanted to try to create those heart shape bokehs myself (not filters or effects!), so I thought maybe it’s a good time to do some experimenting, and in time for today’s theme 🙂 I wanted to shoot a different kind of street photo albeit still taken off a street… And here’s the result!


LOL. Where are the hearts..? Oh you call those hearts?? Yes I hear all of you, cos that’s what I thought too! Oh well, we learn through failures don’t we…. my preliminary analysis tells me, that maybe i didn’t cut out the heart shape properly.. or maybe it was too small.. or maybe even too big??


This is better right? see the hearts? see the hearts?? :p

Nonetheless, it was a fun experiment, and certainly I’m going to attempt this again 😉

4 thoughts on “Photo101 Day 2: Street

  1. Love it! like the car and the hearts a lot! you can see the progress of your hearts and that is what makes photography great and digital even better. I call it fake it till you make it when I am experimenting :0) Looking forward to seeing more!


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