Photo101 Day 1: Home


Home is where the heart is..

Today is the first day of the Nov 2014 Photography 101, and I’ve been really looking forward to it! And here’s my submission for today’s theme: Home.

I live on a small island country of Singapore, and being as small as we are, most of our housing are high-rise in nature, which we call ‘flats’. And as I was sitting in the bus cruising through rows of flats which many call homes, I saw a bus ticket on the seat in front of me. I picked it up, and very naturally I started folding it into a heart. That’s what we used to do a lot back in school days, and each time we fold the ticket, our heart could be feeling something different..

Home is a resting place, it is a sanctuary. It is where we lay our tired body relaxed and let our guards down.. Home is where we won’t be judged, where we could all take off our masks we might have on for the entire day.. Home is where we surrender to love, and embrace.

And home can be anywhere, as long as it is where your heart is.

2 thoughts on “Photo101 Day 1: Home

  1. I mean to comment on this photo yesterday 🙂 it’s such a beautifully taken picture! I love the folded heart – I tried origami once..I was gifted a starter set for my birthday but I ended up with a lot of pretty crumpled paper but I still think it’s a beautiful art


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