Something new for (Sun)thing New :)

Feeling a little under the weather today, clouded with a bad migraine.. so i didn’t go out today, nor did i do something new for the first time. Just wasn’t up to it.. instead, I played around with WordPress for a bit and I discovered there were actually a lot of new lovely themes that we could now use, so I thought, maybe for today’s (Sun)thing new, I’ll put in a place a new theme and give things a new look, still considered in time for a brand new month πŸ™‚

So what do you think of this new look? πŸ™‚

November is here, and this means just 2 more months before we welcome yet another new year. How are you doing with all the new year inspirations you’ve made early this year? I had only one resolution this year, and that was to make this year my best year yet. Can’t quite say this is indeed my best year yet, there had been a fair bit of challenges, but it certainly wasn’t a bad year πŸ˜‰ For one, I think I learned a lot about myself this year – what I want to do, what I enjoy doing, who I (probably) really am. I still have two more months to make a difference before signing off on this year’s results card but I’m even more excited to start setting new goals and make plans for a new beginnings!

Tomorrow is the start of Photography 101, which is going to be a month-long photography challenge with daily themes and assignments to do! I hope this sets me back on track in shooting regularly.. so hopefully it’s going to be a colourful month and may I be ever-inspired!

So all the best to everyone, with the last 2 months of this year. There’s still time to make a difference, may 2014 close beautifully for all of you πŸ™‚

Note: (Sun)thing new will no longer be a weekly feature after this post, but please stay tuned with this blog, as I promise there will always be new content and I will do my very best to keep this blog active πŸ™‚

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