(Sun)thing New! ~ 26 Oct 2014

20141027-173345.jpgIt’s kinda small from the picture above, but that’s basically my Instagram page! Yes, I started a new instagram account under the username of @joscloudfactory (feel free to follow me!! I often ponder about my photography style and what I like to shoot.. and I concluded that what always catches my eyes are how the little things, the ordinary become something stunning and unique. I am always amazed and intrigued by how some photographers can make the simplest subject exude such grandeur and character.. So through this new instagram account, I would like to give my version of making the ordinary extraordinary. There will be quite a fair bit of cloud photos I am pretty sure! Well, I still have to be in line with the theme right? 😉 Now what I need is some app that can allow me to manage two instagram accounts from one place… anything to recommend please leave me a comment!

Speaking of photography, I adopted the “Yes Man” attitude the other day when I came across a post calling for participants for the new run of Photography 101 challenge, and I thought to myself.. why not? So I said YES and signed up for it! It’s supposed to start running a week from now so I’m pretty excited to get started on that! Stay tuned.., even I myself am curious what I’m gonna come up with.. hmm…

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