(Sun)thing New! ~ 19 Oct 2014: Cold Brew

Cold Following a wonderful lunch with my family, we retreated into literally the backyard of Chye Seng Huat hardware store.. What used to be a hardware store is now a hidden gem of a cafe, housing in-house roasters and cosy seating, offering visitors an aromatic treat. Tried the Cold Brew as recommended by my “personal barista” (my dear friend in the coffee business) and wow, it was definitely something very new to me! Never had I tasted coffee that way! The initial test was a berryish sour which led to a tint of malt and.. and basically nothing like coffee i ever tasted haha. It really left my eyes wide open and though it wasn’t a taste i was used to, I felt compelled to learn and love it more.

There are just so many things waiting for us to learn, for us to subtly embrace. Life is all but one big adventure. You could choose to stay in a comfortable place enjoying the shade the roof over your head brings, or you could choose to get outside and see for yourself what your roof has been weathering on your behalf, and how it might just be crumbling down one day. You could choose to master what’s underneath the roof and pray it will stay this way forever, or you could choose to learn how to build a better and stronger roof so you can stay underneath it even longer. Essentially what we are choosing, is whether to embrace the mission of learning and loving life, or let life run you over.

I pray everyone get out of their house now and look up towards their roofs. There could be a lesson or two there just waiting to be learnt.. 🙂

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