A Little Overwhelmed..

It’s true, I’ve been a little overwhelmed the past couple of weeks with loads on my mind..

1) Been working with friends and partner on a project, a short film-MV as part of my brother’s final project for his academic commitments with thoughts of making this something bigger. Lots of hard work goes in to a 5-min clip I tell you.. but all in all, I’m proud of what we have done, and it had been a great and fun journey!

2) So i had to face it – I’ve ran out of savings and it’s time to face the harsh reality that I need some form of regular income. Bills are piling up and I know I have to get my act together before everything I’ve tried to build in the past few months collapse…but thankfully this seems to be my only source of stress and  probably my only obstacle to be truly happy with my new life now.. i guess that’s kinda a good thing?

3) I’m feeling all guilty of neglecting several things I’ve set out to do, including this blog.. my little online flea market business has also come to a standstill since the time I had to stop working on it as my relatives came over to stay and I had to keep away all my work-in-progress.. then came procrastination.. argh.
And whenever I feel overwhelmed, I feel this urge to write. Somehow, letting thoughts flow into words seem to be the best way for me to download my emotions and getting them out of the system. It’s like a recycling centre for negative emotions. Out comes the rubbishy feelings, and the mind is good and cleaned for new intakes again.

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