(Sun)thing New ~ 21 Sep 2014

I’m sorry I missed a week of Sunthing new last Sunday! It’s been quite a busy two weeks for me, though that’s actually a great feeling 😉 Had a fruitful two weeks of hard work participating in a filming project as well as covered two weddings as photographer.. basking in lots of joy is what I’ve been doing!

After collapsing on the bed right after I got home after a wedding assignment, I woke up in shock at 9.30am still holding on to my mobile phone. I had something exciting to do today but alas the late waking up set me in quite a frenzy… with a completely  flat phone and half-charged power bank, I grabbed my personal items and dashed out of the house so I could be on time for…


Yup! My first time setting up a stall at a local weekend market selling some vintage items me and my partner had been collecting for the past few months. It was quite intimidating at first when I arrived at the place with just a handful of items while my neighbours were already stacking up tons of stuff, all out to make a kill.. I was nonetheless quite proud of the fact that because I had less items, I could display them all nicely like I was dressing a window display haha.. At the end of 5 hours, I made a grand profit of five dollars (yes, 1,2,3,4,5 dollars :p) but a whole lot richer in my happiness bank 🙂

This flea market I was at is the same market I had blogged about earlier on, at China Square Central. Read more about this place here 🙂

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