(Sun)thing New! ~ 31 Aug 2014

color run cover photo

It’s time for Sun(thing) new!

This week I had the chance to try more than one thing new, but what made it to this week’s (Sun)thing New, is shooting Color Run! Anyone participated in one before? This weekend was my first time witnessing the Color Run. I said witness because I was there shooting photos and not there as a runner.. but certainly I am going to consider joining the run next year!

Colorful clouds of colored powder filled the air, the ground, not sparing the trees and leaves.. the whole atmosphere was nothing but fun, fun, fun! Spontaneity was all around where everyone was trying ways and means to get themselves covered with all sorts of colors, and also smacking colors onto their friends and basically whoever was right next to them. The organisers also made it very photographer-friendly. Although there were baricades at the sides of the track, photographers could get into the track fairly easily, and no questions asked! I guess that supports the whole event’s overall mission, to make this the #happiest5k 🙂

Just sharing one of the photo I took, will be sharing more in the days to come! Here’s wishing everyone a great, colorful week ahead!


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