In my dreams, I envision a place

boracay beach boatsIn my dreams, I envision a place. There I was, with my hand in yours and yours in mind, we walked on the endless coastline of a vast blue sea. There were no noise from the traffic, no neighbours shouting, no endless clutter in the rooms and on the tables to clear. There was nothing else but the vast blue sea, the sound of the incoming waves, and our heartbeats beating as one. There was nothing else except peace.

In my dreams, I envision a place. It’s a cosy living room of an apartment we just bought and starting to furnish. In came our red cushy sofa, and then came our TV. You fixed up the wires while I stuffed the new cushions into their new covers. You excitedly told me the TV is working fine, and I looked across and smiled. For the rest of the afternoon, we laid on the sofa with your arms around me, and sat in contentment.

In my dreams, I envision a place. We were running across a Wonderland! There were excited screams and laughters everywhere, children were pulling their parents along to where they wanted to go. The parade began! Everyone was cheering with delight! The night came and then came the fireworks! The skies brightened with each burst of light, I just watched with awe while you hugged me from behind. At the last burst of fireworks, I looked up at you and smiled, you smiled back and there and then I saw, the love in your eyes.

And In my dreams, I envision a place, we worked hard and worked towards our common goals. We weren’t rich, we weren’t famous, but we had enough. Step by step, little by little, we grew richer in our hearts. We were content, we were in love, and we were at peace.

There is nothing else I’d need.


(For this week’s writing challenge: Build Your Own. Click to read more)

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