We’re not alone!

Day 12 of Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, and I am to blog about inspiring stories I came across from blogs I visited, and boy am I glad to share my discoveries! I found out about Daily Posts’ Weekly Photo Challenge and I’m looking forward to participate soon!

I also searched on some of the tags I have on my blog, and also visited some of my followers’ blogs as a place to start my “visits”, and I am happy to have visited http://reddoorponderings.com/. In some of her posts, I see myself in them, and while I am figuring things out about my life and trying to seek balance, I am happy to know I’m not alone. In fact, WE are not alone! Seeking balance is really something not easy to do for me, but perhaps to some of you it’s a given thing, and it’s not even something you need to attempt doing. If you belong to this latter group, I appeal for you to share with us how you do it! It may be something that comes naturally to you and they are no big deal to you, but it could help people like us a lot 🙂

Just this afternoon, I was walking along the street and suddenly a surge of overwhelming feeling swept over me. Oh I could do that, hmm I should do that first, hey that looks so interesting! oh dear is this the right direction?? Thoughts like this swam across my mind in a flash and frankly it was quite a lot to handle in those seconds hahaha.. and that’s what that lacking balance and focus I’m talking about! It’s something I will be working on a lot in the days to come – finding focus and learning to prioritize in order to restore and MAINTAIN in balance.. but today, I’m just glad I’m not alone 🙂

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