I’m inspired, I truly am.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Today is Day 9 of Blogging 101 already, and upon reviewing the statistics which I just learnt how to today, I was surprised to see that I actually have 11 followers! Wow wow wow! You guys made my day 😀

I must say the team behind Blogging U are geniuses. GENIUSES. It was just this morning that I was thinking to myself if I had been too random about my postings and should I be focused more on something.. and that oh-so-familiar feeling of slowly slipping away had came back….. then I made myself turn on the computer and check the assignment today, and it was such a timely reminder that I should post on something that inspired me from my About page, which was so useful because I read my About page out loud and remembered what I was here for.

It’s not written explicitly over there, but through this blog, I really want to find myself. I want to know and see for myself who I really am, what I’m here for, what I’m good at and maybe discover that my footprints along this discovery route had formed a clear track that leads to somewhere. I’m remaining positive on this! Well it’s not like I’m fresh out of school and figuring things out, but after some major “life transformations”, it seems that only now I am truly pausing and listening to myself, starting a life that I want. So many things happened in the last one year that made me see the numerous mistakes I made in the past and these mistakes made me understand myself a lot better. I now feel I am ready to take these lessons and learn to walk again. Baby steps at first, but I got to just keep walking to make up for lost time 🙂

Inspirations are a strange thing. They may hit you at any time, could also be at unexpected times, and the same event/article/movie/thing/etc doesn’t affect everyone the same way. To some, they are just passing clouds that are gone before they see them. To others, they may be this huge hovering storm clouds that grab your attention of the sudden lost of light, then made you stare at it till you see the sun come out again.

And while we’re on Geniuses and inspirations, does anyone know the TV program “The Brain” or “最强大脑” in mandarin? I watched one episode of the Chinese version this evening and came to know of this person named Zhou Wei. Wei was diagnosed with mental disability but he possessed extraordinary mathematical and numerical abilities. He spend his days in a small village in China doing nothing but look at the sun (with his eyes and strangely don’t feel glares) and doing mathematical calculations. He demonstrated this ability on stage and awed many. What really touched me was how he did it like he was doing something he really enjoyed, like a child drawing a picture with crayons. Scientists present couldn’t quite explain or understand what method he used in his calculations, but everyone agreed that he was one of his kind. With no formal education or training of any sort, what he was able to do was purely out of his gifted mind. Scientists, botanists, zoologists, archaeologists, historians, gemologists spend time digging and uncovering minerals or artifacts or gems, conserving plants and animals to prevent extinction, and their work leads to things we call “treasure”. How about human beings? As a big part of Mother Earth, what are we doing to true gems among us? Wei is someone I would consider a treasure found among us, simply because he is able to do something completely out of this world on his own with no intervention. He is definitely God’s gift of some kind. Some people debate that his ability is useless, his talent cannot translate to any practical use to achieve “a greater purpose”, but I beg to differ. A rare diamond or a piece of antique jade with no greater purpose has their deserving places (and price tags) in museums or collectors’ safes… so why not a fellow human being?

I don’t know about others, but Zhou Wei definitely inspired me a great deal today. I shall remember that everyone of us, no matter what background, has our purpose here and we all have a gift inside of us. We just have to follow our heart to find it. The greatest treasure is within.


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