Welcome to my clouds!

cloud lamp post-2

And so, I have started a new blog site! I’m excited about this blog because for once after I have created, deleted, recreated so many blogs of my own, I have a good feeling that this one is going to grow, and going to stay! But then again, as the name suggest, it’s gonna be about building castles on clouds, so honestly, I don’t know if what I claim is gonna be true for long! What I am sure of though, is that this blog is gonna be WHO I AM. It will be genuine. It will be real. It will be ME. Through this blog, I am going to stop fearing to dream. I am going to make clouds and fill up my sky with them as much as I like. I will stop letting others shape them. I will let my clouds take me to where I was meant to be. Some clouds will get bigger, some clouds may just go by and disappear, but all the clouds I make and build, will all be made of me.

So if you have time and if you like what you are reading so far, stay and watch the clouds with me!


I wrote the above yesterday (15 Jul) and today, I started thinking about how I should be doing this blogging thing seriously. I started to look for help online and found the best guide right at our backyard – WP’s Daily Post! I was intrigued by so many helpful contents and in particular, Blogging 101: Zero to Hero caught my eye and I think the whole initiative is great! Doing this for 30 days and become a better blogger after that sounds like a good deal so I am going to start with that! Day One assignment reads “Introduce Yourself”, which I thought I had already done so, so I’m gonna make yesterday Day One šŸ˜€

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